Farm Labor Contractors can provide medical coverage for all their workers

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Medical Coverage

It’s definitely possible, as a Farm Labor Contractor, to be in compliance and provide attractive medical coverage plans for your workers at an affordable price. Here are 3 things to consider when making your selection.

  1. Is the plan ACA compliant?

    ACA compliant means that an individual or small-group policy should adhere to the regulations of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ACA-compliant policies can't require an annual or lifetime coverage maximum. However, they must provide coverage for the ten essential health benefits.

    President Obama signed health reform legislation in 2010 that stated all individual and small group plans purchased on or after January 1, 2014 (including plans sold through the exchanges and outside the exchanges) must include coverage for these ten essential health benefits with no annual or lifetime dollar limit:

    1. hospitalization;
    2. ambulatory services (visits to doctors and other healthcare professionals and outpatient hospital care);
    3. emergency services;
    4. prescription drugs;
    5. lab tests;
    6. maternity and newborn care;
    7. services for those suffering from mental health disorders and problems with substance abuse;
    8. chronic disease management, "well' services and preventive services recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (including blood pressure screening, breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, obesity screening and counseling; tobacco use counseling and interventions, and breast-feeding counseling);
    9. pediatric services for children, including dental and vision care (there is some flexibility on the inclusion of pediatric dental if the plan is purchased within the exchange)
    10. rehabilitative and "habilitative" services which include helping a person keep, learn or improve functioning for daily living. (Examples include therapy for a child who isn't walking or talking at the expected age, help for those experiencing problems with speech, physical and occupational therapy, and treatment for individuals suffering from a variety of disabilities.)

    Since January 1, 2014, all newly purchased individual and small group policies are required to be ACA-compliant, regardless of whether they are sold on or off-exchange.

  2. Can the plan offer convenient access, at a lower cost, especially to my workers who reside or return to Mexico regularly?

    Providing access to health care in Mexico at much lower cost is definitely possible.

    With our exclusive Mexico Select Network offered through Western Growers Assurance Trust, you and your employees have access to health care in Mexico at much lower costs. This is beneficial to employees who may have dependents living in Mexico and need access to care. We hold the longest standing contractual relationships with providers in the border cities of Mexicali, San Luis, Los Algodones, Tijuana and Agua Prieta.

  3. Will the medical plan be affordable for various types of workers?

    One way to attract the type of workers you need is to be able to provide insurance that meets their needs. Workers with an H2A visa may want access to health care in Mexico while Lawful Permanent Residents probably won’t. Some of your workers may need to "buy up" to a higher level of benefits with different co-payments and deductibles and some won’t. Selecting an Insurance Services company that specializes in Farm Labor Contractor needs could help you achieve more of your business goals because they have access to medical plans that offer coverage that makes sense for this group of workers with varying needs of convenience.

    With Western Growers Insurance Services, you’ll start with a consultation session geared towards understanding your specific needs, and, informing you about the coverage options available to you for all your workers; including your seasonal workforce. In a time when finding and keeping good workers is more challenging, providing useful and affordable benefits can be a factor that helps you attract and retain your workers.

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