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    Businesses are exposed to a wide range of risks.  As your consultant, Western Growers Insurance Services helps you determine coverage suitable to your needs. We work with businesses of all types and sizes throughout California and Arizona.  

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    Your business is different. Your industry has its specific needs. Our team gets it – and is able to help you identify potential risks and value-based solutions.


    Your staff may think our people are part of your organization. That’s ok by us… Our customers invite us to partner in finding solutions. You are expert at running your business and we know insurance. Being veterans in the insurance industry, our staff has a lot of experience to share with you. (Did we mention that one of our many strengths beyond our industry expertise is that many of our staff are bi-lingual?)


    You have a business to run. You have employees, vendors, customers… why not consolidate your insurance needs with an agency that can help in all areas? WGIS can help you consolidate and you gain efficiency in the process.


    Who do you turn to when you have a question on health care reform? What about crop insurance? You’ve just acquired a new business or sold some equipment– who do you ask about your insurance needs? The answers are: WGIS, WGIS and WGIS. (We will probably get this information to you before you ask – but don’t wait for us if a situation arises!)


    Whether you are looking for a solution to address health benefits, workers compensation or insuring your property, we have much the same access as other insurance agencies or brokers; AND we have direct access to products sponsored by Western Growers Assurance Trust. If your current insurance solution addresses your risk concerns – we’ll tell you that and not try to sell you something different! In the end – we are here for you. To help you be more profitable and competitive!


    Beyond taking care of your immediate business and/or personal risks, when you partner with WGIS, commission dollars associated with your purchase help fund Western Growers Association efforts in pursuing industry specific solutions. No other broker matches the level of financial assistance WGIS gives to the industry in support of your endeavors. As a result – our combined efforts help provide solutions that each of us can witness as we sit down at our family dinner tables.


    For more than 80 years, CA and AZ agriculture has counted on Western Growers and its niche products dedicated to addressing specific needs for agriculture based employers. Today - WGIS is able to meet ALL the insurance needs of its clients in both agriculture and the surrounding communities.

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    Businesses are exposed to a wide range of risks in today’s marketplace. As your consultant, our role is to help you determine the type of coverage that best suits your needs and then be there to guide you through the process.

    We work with businesses of all types and sizes throughout Arizona and California. As a leading agribusiness insurer, we also specialize in farm, ranch, equipment/machinery, livestock, equine, and more.

    Group Health Insurance

    We offer affordable plans to employers of all industries in need of group health insurance programs. Our plans include a full array of HMO, PPO, Consumer Driven Plans, flexible plans to meet the needs of seasonal employees, and more.

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    We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your current insurance portfolio to help you make sure your business is properly protected. Contact us for a free quote or a no-obligation review of your insurance and risk management program today.