I’ve worked with WGIS for over 24 years because of the excellent service they provide. Insurance can be confusing, but WGIS instills confidence in what they do. I know I can go to them to get questions answered in a very professional, timely and friendly way. They worked hard to find a solution for our needs—one that has worked well with our business and saved us money. It helps to have people to go to who you can trust – I don’t know what I’d do without Western Growers!"

Stewart and Jasper
Mary Esteves, HR Administrator

Our members depend on the quality service and competitive pricing offered by Western Growers Insurance Services. Their low premiums, dependable staff and menu of options truly reflect the needs of the industry. They have earned not only our confidence and trust, but our business as well.

Arizona Restaurant Association
Steve Chucri, President & CEO

I’m so glad I was introduced to Western Growers Insurance Services. I feel very confident in everything they presented to me, and I just know that they are going to be a really nice new member of our family."

Baker Nursery, Phoenix, AZ
Mary Pearson, Owner

My experience with Western Growers Insurance Services has been outstanding. Responses to our requests for information and assistance have been efficient and timely. Their overall service level is excellent."

Metz Fresh
Bruce Green, Controller

[Western Growers] worked very hard to get us covered when [our previous carrier] dropped us. They have taken very good care of us since then. I would not hesitate to recommend Western Growers as a fresh alternative."

Bar T Bar Ranch, Winslow, Ariz.
Bob & Judy Prosser

We appreciate doing business with people that are knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend Western Growers simply because of the high level of customer service we’ve received time after time. Their service oriented approach is one of their many strengths and one of the reasons why we continue to do business with them."

Ratto Bros., Inc.
Ron Ratto, President