Weather Hedge Protection

Having the ability to protect your business against an unpredictable event means more stability for your bottom line.

Western Growers Weather Hedge Protection helps preserve your bottom line by securing the full value of crop production against unpredictable weather that can threaten crop yield and cash flow. These customized policies are designed to pay out during periods of extreme temperatures, excess rainfall, or drought — whether or not you experience a loss.

Options include structuring alternative risk transfer solutions into the form of a policy, swap, or bond, and are available as standalone products or in tandem with one another. By working with JLT Capital Markets, we can include exchange or non-exchange traded commodity prices as part of the structure, helping you take weather-related risk off of your balance sheet and create a hedge against commodity price risk.

Protect your investment from the unpredictable.

Western Growers Hedge Protection covers specific weather events, including:

Lack of rain
Other weather events